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January 13
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Wan-tan. by VividLoner Wan-tan. by VividLoner

I'm crying.

No. Seriously.
I'm crying. Because my STUPID laptop suddenly shut itself down. ; A ;
I was working on the shading, and I forgot to save. //falls
Ugh, my eyes actually started to hurt right now. I get emotonal very easily. q w q
Oh well, at least I could save the sketch.
However, I was too lazy to colour/shad/etc. everything again, so I kept the sketch and made a gif...with a really lazy crayon like colouring.
The GIF looks a bit odd because the glass kind of disappeared after I saved it...
I hope you like it anyway, Sempai!
Rowan doesn't look that good in my style. ; Q ;
FORGIVE ME. //bowsandfalls

EDIT: I made the background white, so the glass is more visible...the quality's terrible now though.
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It is still kawaii~ :3
MonsterMarshmallow Jan 13, 2014   General Artist
Everything you do is perf :icongtthplz:
i really like this too Q//v//Q
    D'AAAW. :iconstopityouplz:

    You're flattering me!
    Thank you so so much. <3
MonsterMarshmallow Jan 14, 2014   General Artist
No problem <33333 Q//v//Q
Its so awsome and cute >.< you realy draw good huh XD
kyusune Jan 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OH. my god.:iconhandspazzplz:
omh. :iconrunrolanrunplz:

My kohai made this for me. ♥:iconkiligplz:
And it's a gif. :iconmioupplz:

I'm sorry babu ; A;- your laptop and your eyes- :iconuguufaceplz:
My kokoro hurts ; A;---- :iconhnnghplz:
Just to think you made so much effort for a gift for me--  :icongyaaplz:

*kissus your eyes and flat chest huggles you 5eva* :iconkawaiikissplz:
I love this so much, like so much. :iconuhuhuhuplz:

And I never use this many plz thingys in my life

rowan does look good in your style mkay so shhhh.

thankchu babu, i lahv you-
    "DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT CRY"'s what Pewds would say! ; v ;
    In our case;
    ...don't worry about it Sempai! Don't worry about it. 

    I enjoyed animating and drawing him very much, even though I regret not saving the first drawing, heh.
    I'm glad you like it that much, because asdfghjkl;; 

    I tried to figure out which expression would fit lil' Wan-tan the best. q w q

    -le tears of happehness-
    I shall soon make a proper drawing of him. > 3 <
    For zhe lulz!
kyusune Jan 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
uhuhuhu- //latereply is late-

; A; I loved it lots babu
So much that it's on my page-

; u; Wan-tan is a very flexible babu.

Shhhh- this is proper tho-
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